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January 2014
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p. 33-36

Prerequisite for sustainable development of the Russian Federation is the creation and development of a system of protected areas. Main mechanism that creates optimal conditions for the fulfilment of functions of the PA is planning. At the present time we have to admit that there are problems that prevent from appropriate functioning of protected areas and solving the tasks assigned to them.

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Petrova, L., State Univ. of Land Use Planning, Moscow (Russian Federation) Pimenov, V., State Univ. of Land Use Planning, Moscow (Russian Federation)

The Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU) Strategic Development Plan 2010-2016, was developed during 2009 and approved by the LLU Senate on June 10, 2009.

In order to perform its functions and implement its goals and objectives, the Latvia University of Agriculture has developed three activity programs:

1. Studies 
2. Science
3. Administrative and financial support for studies and research work

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