Lake Eyasi Tourism Destination Management Plan 2019 - 2024 | Land Portal | Securing Land Rights Through Open Data
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Date of publication: 
May 2019
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2019 - 2025

Sustainable Toursim Development Plan for the portion of the unique Lake Eyasi Valley landscape in northern Tanzania falling into Karatu District. The most significant attractions for the destination is the last remaining hunter and gatherer societies (Hadzabe) with their unique life style, together with the life style of Datoga pastoralists. As such the sustainability of tourism in the valley relies on security of the collective land and natural resource rights of both Hadzabe and Datoga groups and on effective land use planning, and village and wider landscape levels.   This new tourism plan is owned by Karatu District Council and the local stakeholders and was developed by a LEGEND supported project implemented through a partneship of VSF Belgium, UCRT and Dorobo Safaris (a local tourism enterprise that works closely with Hadzabe and committed to their development and survival).  As a basis for developing the plan, the project secured the collective mapped land rights (CCROs), for the Hadzabe and Datoga, village boundaries and facilitated participatory land use planning for village lands across the area. 

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