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Land has played a critical role in Tanzania’s historic trajectory. Current land tenure frameworks, resource governance, and related conflicts are closely intertwined with current neoliberal policies and land accumulation by foreign companies and domestic elites as well as dynamics of the (pre-)colonial period.
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Tanzanian Government Resorts to Cattle Seizures to Further Restrict Livelihoods of Maasai Pastoralists

24 January 2023

The government of Tanzania is further escalating the pressure on the Maasai to forcve them out of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area  by seizing their cattle. Once captured, the cattle are auctioned off and exported from the area, unless the owners manage to get it back by paying a ransom to the…

Land rental payments increase as grace period expires

Land rent collection up by 50 per cent

11 December 2022

In Tanzania the grace period for land rent defaulters expires on December 31, 2022. The Ministry of Land, Housing and Human Settlement reports increased monthly collection with  payment of land rents and fees increasing between 40-60 per cent.

Tanzania: TotalEnergies Pipeline Project Questioned By NGOs For Human Rights Violations

5 October 2022

The scenery changes, the story remains the same: in Tanzania, the construction of the pipeline intended to evacuate the oil extracted by TotalEnergies on the shores of Lake Albert, in Uganda, baptized East African Crude Oil Pipeline (Eacop), also accompanies large-scale human rights violations,…



Tanzania is seen as “East Africa’s food forte” and its rich natural resources as well as its policy drive towards commercial agriculture attract land-related investments, such as in the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT)

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A Growing Momentum to Promote Youth Land Rights in Tanzania

16 December 2022

Tanzania’s youth population (defined as women and men between the ages of 15 and 35) constitutes about 35% of the country’s population. In Tanzania, youth engagement in agriculture is considered vital, given that youth form the largest part of the population and labour force in the country.

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Women and Community Land Rights: Investing in Local Champions

Women and Community Land Rights: Investing in Local Champions

  Women’s Land Tenure Security (WOLTS) is a practical action-research project on gender and land, led by development consultants Mokoro. For more than five years WOLTS has collaborated with local partners People Centered Conservation (PCC) in Mongolia and HakiMadini in Tanzania, investigating the…