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An Act to provide for the improvement of coastal zone management in Belize through the establishment of a Coastal Zone Management Authority and a Coastal Zone Management Institute; to provide for the establishment of a Board of Directors to control, and manage the affairs of the Authority; to provide for the preparation of a Coastal Zone Management Plan to provide for the establishment of mechanisms to improve the monitoring of various activities within the coastal zone; to provide for the payment of fees and charges related to the use of the coastal zone; and to provide for matters connected therewith. The Act consist of 38 sections divided into 7 Parts: Preliminary (I); Establishment and objectives of the Authority, the Council and the Institute (II); Appointment of staff, etc. of the Authority and the Institute (III); Administration (IV); Coastal Zone Management Plan (VI); Financial provisions, accounts and reports (VI); General (VII)."Coastal zone" is defined in section 2 as "the area bounded by the shoreline up to the mean high-water-mark on its landward side and by the outer limit of the territorial sea on its seaward side, including all coastal waters". “Coastal waters” means the sea, as that term is defined herein, and those waters adjacent of the landward line of the adjoining land, or of land connected permanently or intermittently with the sea, which contain a measurable quantity of seawater, including but not limited to sounds, bays, lagoons, ponds and estuaries."Coastal zone management" is intended as planning, management and sustainable development of resources within the coastal zone, including the conservation of the Barrier Reef.The Authority is established as an "autonomous institution" and shall take the form of a body corporate. The Authority functions are advising the Minister, assisting in the implementation of marine programmes of the government, reviewing of the Coastal Zone Management Plan, monitoring of water quality programmes, etc (sect. 5). An Advisory Council, consisting of government officials, is established under section 6. It shall advise the Authority and the Coastal Zone Management Institute, established under section 8, on matters of a technical nature and, at the request of the Authority, formulate, draft policies, plans and programmes. The Institute shall function as a research, training and information centre. The Chief Executive Officer of the Authority shall not later than 3 years after the appointed date, submit to the Board a comprehensive Coastal Zone Management Plan. Such plan shall include: guidelines for the determination of sustainability of particular development activities in the coastal zone; guidelines for the general monitoring of the coastal zone including its habitat; proposals, either existing or to formulated, regarding land use, establishment of marine protection areas, preservation of endangered species and cultural and natural resources, recreation and tourism, monitoring of use of (living) natural resources and mineral extraction, agriculture, aquaculture, and industry; proposals for the reservation of land for certain use; recommendations for the strengthening of governmental powers and policies and the conduct of research. The Plan shall be approved in last instance by the House of Representatives.

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