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    January, 2023

    In this study, we investigated market integration and price transmission dynamics in agricultural supply chains in Nalanda, Bihar, focusing on twenty commodities. We utilized daily price data from Noorsarai and Harnaut village markets, the Bihar Sharif intermediate market, and the Patna City market with the aim of understanding the interrelationships among these prices. Our findings suggest that most crop prices tend to vary concurrently, necessitating adjustments for improved precision and accuracy in price assessments.

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    January, 2023

    The smallholder mechanization starter pack is an innovation pioneered and developed by CIMMYT’s mechanization team in Zimbabwe. This tool was born out of necessity to alleviate farm power shortage faced by smallholder farmers and farming communities, offering a low-cost mechanization option centered on two-wheel tractor and small engine driven machinery pack. The pack is meticulously tailored to enhance land and labour productivity, improve timeliness of agricultural operations, reduce production cost, and eliminate human drudgery.

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    January, 2023

    Changes in frequency and intensity of climate and weather events are a key challenge to agricultural production among farmers in Zambia. Climate variability reduces farm productivity, which in turn contributes to household food insecurity, income variability, and reduced overall economic growth. Using improved technologies such as mechanization, improved seed varieties, irrigation, and fertilizer can improve climate resilience and farm production among smallholder farmers.

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    January, 2023

    This policy brief is based on a comprehensive study conducted in Zambia and Malawi to understand the gendered impacts of COVID-19 on informal cross-border fish trade. The study demonstrates the disproportionate effects of the pandemic on female traders. Measures implemented to mitigate the health

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    January, 2023

    In common with many nations undergoing a nutrition transition, micronutrient deficiencies, undernutrition and overnutrition coexist in The Gambia. Addressing these challenges simultaneously would require transformational changes in the country's food system. However, the evidence base that would enable informed decision-making in the Gambian food system has been scant, despite several sources of routinely-collected data being available.

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    January, 2023

    Data from May indicates a persistent trend of modest price increases in Nepal. Year-on-year inflation for food and beverage prices was recorded at 5.5 percent, which, though lower compared to 6.9 percent in the previous month and significantly less than in April and May 2022, still denotes an escalation in food prices from an already elevated base. While the high inflation rate impacts all consumers, it is likely to disproportionately strain the finances of the poor, potentially jeopardizing food security. Moreover, the inflation rates for non-food items and services surged to 8.9 percent.

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