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    Mauritania, Africa, Western Africa

    Ce décret porte application de l'ordonnance qui établit le régime foncier et domanial en Mauritanie.

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    Kenya, Eastern Africa, Africa

    These Regulations provide rules for proceedings before the Tribunal established under the Tenant (Shops, Hotels and Catering Establishments) Act and prescribe forms of notices relative to tenancy contracts and proceedings before the Tribunal. The Regulations provide that forms used in proceedings before the Tribunal shall be the forms used in subordinate courts from time to time with such modification as may be necessary.

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    An Act Adopting the National Forestry Reform Law of 2006

    Liberia, Africa, Western Africa

    This Act makes provision, in 23 Chapters, for the management and conservation of forest resources of Liberia, defines ownership rights and other rights in forests, regulates commercial and other use of forests resources, provides for the protection of the environment and wildlife in forests, regulates the trade in forest products and provides for various other matters relative to forestry and wildlife.The Act defines the principles of forest management and conservation to be undertaken by the Forestry Development Authority.

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    Côte d'Ivoire, Africa, Western Africa

    Le présent arrêté a pour objet de préciser les modalités de fonctionnement des Comités de Gestion Foncière Rurale (CGFR) créés par des arrêtés préfectoraux en application du décret n° 99-593.

    Met en oeuvre: Décret nº 99-593 portant organisation et attributions des comités de gestion Foncière rurale (c.g.f.r). (1999-10-13)

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    October, 1999
    Africa, Western Africa, Côte d'Ivoire

    Le présent décret porte organisation et attributions des comités de gestion Foncière rurale (c.g.f.r), organes de gestion foncière rurale qui délibèrent sur la validation des enquêtes officielles de constat de droits fonciers coutumiers; les oppositions ou réclamations survenant au cours des procédures d'immatriculation des terres du Domaine Foncier Rural concédé; les conflits non résolus au cours des enquêtes foncières; les demandes de cession de droits fonciers coutumiers; l'implantation des opérations de reboisement et des projets d'urbanisation.

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    An Act to regulate land tenure in villages established pursuant to Operation Vijiji, to provide for the settlement of land disputes and for connected purposes.

    Tanzania, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act makes provision for the adjudication of rights with respect to village land in relation with the settlement and resettlement of peoples in villages for the purposes of a policy promoting the development of villages. The Act also declares rights held under customary law to be extinguished. The Minister may establish a tribunal in areas where the Customary Leaseholds (Enfranchisement) Act, 1968 does not apply. Such a tribunal shall have the power to determine disputes regarding village land.

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    Benin, Africa, Western Africa

    La présente loi détermine les règles et les principes fondamentaux relatifs au régime foncier rural en République du Bénin. Elle s’applique au domaine privé rural de l’Etat et des collectivités territoriales ainsi qu’aux terres rurales appartenant aux personnes physiques ou morales de droit privé.

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    Ethiopia, Africa, Eastern Africa

    These Regulations of the Council of Ministers provide rules relative to large-scale and small-scale mining operations. The rules concern, among other things: (a) the issue, renewal or revocation of a prospecting licence or an exploration licence; (b) notice of discovery of minerals; (c) verification and certification of a discovery; (d) rights and obligations of licencees; (e) fees, royalties and other payments; (f) offences and sanctions; (g) dispute settlement; and (h) powers and duties of the Controller.The Controller, i.e.

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    Ethiopia, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Proclamation lays down the regulatory framework for mining operations in Ethiopia. It defines the principles of sound development of the mining sector and defines the criteria for eligibility for mining rights, i.e. a prospecting licence, an exploration licence, an artisanal mining licence, a small-scale mining licence and a large-scale mining licence. A mining licence shall give the right to abstract, in limited quantities, mineral and geothermal water.Furthermore, the Proclamation defines the rights and duties of licence holders and provides for financial matters and administration.

  10. Library Resource

    An Act to Repeal the Minerals and Mining Act, No. 34 of 1999 and Re-enact the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act, 2007 for the purposes of Regulating all Aspects of the Exploration and Exploitation of Solid Minerals in Nigeria; and for Related Purposes.

    Nigeria, Africa, Western Africa

    This Act concerns the rights in and management of mineral resources in Nigeria. It provides rules for exploration and exploitation of resources and for the protection of the environment. It also concerns possession of mining material, small-scale mining and the protection of interests of host communities, provides incentives for mining operations and defines offences.“Minerals” excludes petroleum but includes water with mineral content. The Act establishes within the Ministry the Mines Inspectorate Department and the Mines Environmental Compliance Department and defines their functions.

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