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    2013 Agricultural Census Whole Kingdom
    Reports & Research
    December, 2014

    The National Statistical Office has conducted the Agricultural Census every 10 years in accordance with the recommendation of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and this census round was the sixth of its series. The census aims to provide basic information of the structure of agriculture and that information provides as a guideline for developing agricultural policies and plans as well as for monitoring agricultural development for both national and local levels.

  2. Library Resource

    Opportunité ou chimère pour les femmes du Bassin du Congo ?

    Reports & Research
    February, 2019
    Middle Africa

    Cette note thématique rédigée à l’initiative de Fern, a été élaborée dans le cadre de l’initiative CoNGOs (Collaboration d’ONG en faveur de moyens de subsistance durables et équitables dans les forêts du bassin du Congo) qui plaide pour une « foresterie communautaire »1 à travers laquelle les communautés ont le droit de gérer les ressources forestières dont elles dépendent, en vue d’améliorer leurs conditions de vie et en particulier celles des femmes.

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    Responsible land-based investments
    Manuals & Guidelines
    November, 2022

    This manual aims to provide practical guidance for investors in incorporating responsible land-based investment principles into investor policies and practices and is meant to be used along with the Introductory Guide for Communities, Governments and Investors. It has been written for all three RGIL countries, hoping that it will also be useful for other countries.

  4. Library Resource
    Woman in the farm
    Reports & Research
    May, 2022

    This report presents the results of a mixed-methods study on the role of customary land documentation in strengthening Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE). The overarching purpose was to help fill critical knowledge gaps on if and how strengthening women’s land rights via formalized customary land documentation affects their empowerment and economic growth, with a specific focus on women’s access to credit and other financial services, land investments and income opportunities.

  5. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    September, 2022

    Esta publicación busca paliar la situación del acceso de las mujeres a la tierra y a la propiedad analizando la situación de la historia de la propiedad de la tierra en Panamá considerando la normativa existente, el tipo de producción agropecuaria, y la condición e intereses de las mujeres con respecto a la propiedad y titularidad de la tierra.

  6. Library Resource
    Arab women land rights
    Reports & Research
    February, 2023
    Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syrian Arab Republic, United Arab Emirates

    There is a correlation between socio-economic development, human rights and the empowerment of men and women to participate at all levels of decision making. Secure land rights are an important precondition for the achievement of these goals, including and the realisation of a broad spectrum of human rights: adequate housing, equality, food, health, work and education.

  7. Library Resource
    revista controversia mujeres rurales

    Revista Controversia

    Journal Articles & Books
    October, 2022
    Latin America and the Caribbean, Colombia

    Las mujeres del mundo rural están mucho más expuestas que las del urbano a la sobrecarga que las tradiciones de división sexual del trabajo les han impuesto. Su papel en la reproducción social es invisibilizado por la subvaloración “del trabajo reproductivo, productivo y para el autoconsumo” (Fao, 2017, p. 1) y por su baja posibilidad de participación política institucional.

  8. Library Resource
    Landesa 2022 Annual Report

    A Collaborative Approach to Change

    Reports & Research
    January, 2023
    Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Senegal, Colombia, Asia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Global

    Land rights are ascendant across the development sector. Movements addressing women’s empowerment, poverty, social justice, food security and climate change are all increasingly turning to land rights to strengthen their cause. In 2022, renowned philanthropist MacKenzie Scott joined these efforts by making an unprecedented $20 million investment in our work. Ms. Scott’s generous gift represents a profound endorsement of the power of land rights to improve the lives of women, men, and communities around the world.

  9. Library Resource
    BTI 2022 Country Report Azerbaijan
    Reports & Research
    May, 2022

    During the reporting period, the consolidation of authoritarian rule in Azerbaijan continued. Snap parliamentary elections in February 2020 did not meet international standards for free and fair competition. However, some notorious high-ranking state officials were fired, and corrupt local level administrators detained on corruption charges. These developments, in addition to the appointment of some young professionals to ministerial posts, raised hopes for a possible opening of the country to real reforms and changes.

  10. Library Resource

    El acceso a los recursos productivos para garantizar su seguridad y soberanía alimentaria

    Reports & Research
    December, 2021

    El documento “Situación de las Mujeres Rurales en Honduras” presenta un detallado informe y análisis de la realidad actual en temas de acceso a los recursos productivos desde al análisis documental y desde la percepción misma de las actoras.

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