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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017
    Latvia, Belarus

    In article is considered the existing system of documents of socio-economic planning of administrative and territorial units of the Republic of Belarus. It is expedient to develop a package of documents of a sustainable development of primary administrative and territorial units (village councils) for improvement of this system. Within implementation of the project of the international technical assistance the analysis of potential opportunities of rural territories for sustainable development goals is carried out.

  2. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017

    The most important international a world-level document defining the policy of protecting land and soil is the UN Convention «On combating desertification/land degradation in countries experiencing drought and/or desertification». Latvia acceded to this Convention in 2002, undertaking to implement it requirements. With the introduction of the Convention, it is necessary to develop a national action program for restriction of land degradation, as well as develop new legislation and a long-term policy.

  3. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017
    Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus

    The article considers the role and importance of the borderline position of the Belarusian-Lithuanian region, which influences the transformation processes of territorial structures. Particular attention is paid to the areas of coordinated activities on the formation and functioning of transboundary protected natural areas, as well as spatial planning activities for the sustainable use of their constituent natural complexes. The resulted results of researches are received within the limits of realization in 2014-2015.

  4. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017
    Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus

    The main idea of the project on the cross-border cooperation of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, as well as a unified methodology for its implementation, is based on cooperation between local and regional authorities and the use of innovative technologies: current remote sensing data (space images, aerial photographs and images from unmanned aerial vehicles), land information system, GIS and WEB-technologies.

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    Fonte: Revista Etnografica
    Journal Articles & Books
    October, 2017
    South America, Brazil

    Inserida na área da antropologia urbana e de uma antropologia do Estado, a pesquisa tem como ponto de partida os processos de reconfiguração e transformação urbana na cidade do Rio de Janeiro nos últimos anos, apontando para um aumento, provocado pelo município, dos deslocamentos forçados das famílias que habitam áreas periféricas e de favelas.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    January, 2017

    The recent rapid population and economic growth in Southeast Asia has brought about drastic socio-economic changes, such as urbanization and an agricultural shift. Urbanization consists of concentrating a population from a rural to an urban area and expanding urban areas, which pushes farmland outward. The current development diagram generates and accumulates disaster risk as an extensive risk; however, the relationship between developmental progress and the increase in disaster risk must be determined for sustainable development to be achieved.

  7. Library Resource
    Manuals & Guidelines
    February, 2017

    A ciência do solo e a agricultura urbana

  8. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    March, 2017

    This paper provides guidance on how to conduct collaborative and participatory risk assessments, paying attention to the human rights of project-affected people. It was written for stakeholders who seek more effective strategies for investigating the human rights impacts of business projects or operations, and who wish to make their human rights impact assessments more inclusive and responsive, or who seek to encourage greater buy-in from other stakeholders.

  9. Library Resource
    Manuals & Guidelines
    December, 2017
    Asia, Global

    This guide provides a simple yet complete resource to help communities to understand the Asian Development Bank’s policies and use them for justice. While it focuses on the ADB, it also contains information that is useful for any campaign against destructive development—even if the ADB is not involved. The guide contains different kinds of information, including:

    • Information about human rights and rights-based development

    • Information about the Asian Development Bank and its safeguard policies

    • Learning activities for community workshops

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