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    June, 2017
    Sierra Leone

    Bein an Act to amend the Local Governemnt ACT, 2004, to provide the addition of new Districts created under the Provinces (Administrative Division) Order, 2017 and other related matters.

  2. Library Resource
    September, 2008
    Sierra Leone

    Being an Act to establish the Sierra Leone Environment Protection Agency, to provide for the effective protection of the environment and for other related matters.

  3. Library Resource
    August, 2009
    Sierra Leone

    Being an Act to provide for the registration and regulation of companies and for other related matters.

  4. Library Resource
    February, 1995

    This Act provides a basis for the procedure of all expropriation of immovable property including "restricted real rights". Expropriation" is defined in section 2 as "the transfer of an immovable without the consent of the owner in the public interest for fair and immediate compensation".

  5. Library Resource
    February, 1963

    La presente Ley de reforma agraria, tiene por objeto la reforma social y económica del agro nicaragüense a través de una modificación fundamental de la tenencia de la tierra y de la estructuración jurídica y sistemas de explotación de la misma, tendiente a obtener, con la equitativa distribución del área cultivable y de su renta y con el incremento de la producción, la elevación del nivel de vida de las masas campesinas y su incorporación al proceso de transformación de la economía del país y al desarrollo integral de la Nación.

  6. Library Resource
    January, 1997

    The relations in the sphere of the rights to use pastures on the territory of the Kyrghyz Republic shall be regulated by this Law, the Forest, Water and Land Codes, laws on lease and lease relations, protection of the nature, flora and fauna, atmospheric air and other legislation of the Kyrghyz Republic. The subjects for the utilization of pastures shall be juridical and natural persons. The objects shall be certain areas of pastures. The pasture areas shall have locations and boundaries both on the map and on the ground.

  7. Library Resource
    December, 2016

    This Regional Law establishes legal grounds for the operation of village chiefs as a form of public participation in local government. The scope of election of village chief shall be realization of decisions adopted by local government. Public official cannot be elected village chief.

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