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    Paraguay, Americas, South America

    La presente Ley dispone que quienes detentaren tierras de dominio fiscal, deberán denunciarlas ante el Instituto de Bienestar Rural en el plazo de seis meses, a contar de la promulgación de esta Ley.

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    Honduras, Americas, Central America

    La presente Ley tiene como objeto establecer métodos idóneos, expeditos y confiables para resolver conflictos y fortalecer de esta manera la seguridad jurídica y la paz, a través de la conciliación.

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    Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe

    This Federal Law modifies paragraph 1 of article 24 in the following manner: "In case of sale of a share in the common property to an outsider the owner must attach to the application form for the state registration the documentation confirming that the co-owners had been informed of the forthcoming transaction , of the price of share and the conditions of sale.

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    An Act to provide for the classification and administration of public land, and to regulate use of and the disposal of such land and and the acquisition of other land and related matters. The Minister may by order made under section 10 classify public land and declare the use for which he considers different classes to be adaptable.

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    Colombia, Americas, South America

    El presente Decreto reglamenta parcialmente la Ley Nº 160 de 1994, en lo relativo a la elaboración del avalúo comercial de predios y mejoras que se adquieran para fines de reforma agraria y la intervención de peritos en los procedimientos administrativos agrarios de competencia del Instituto Colombiano de la Reforma Agraria (INCORA). En los procedimientos administrativos de adquisición de tierras y mejoras rurales que adelante directamente el INCORA, se ordenará la realización de un avalúo comercial de los inmuebles y bienes respectivos por parte de un perito.

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    This Act makes provision for agreements between the Government and Indian bands (as defined by the Indian Act) for the purposes of resolving and extinguishing claims asserted by an Indian band and the council of a band against the Government or against the Government and Canada in respect of cut-off lands. "Cut-off lands" means lands that had before 1916 been appropriated by the Government for the use and benefit of Indians (defined in section 1).

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    Israel, Western Asia, Asia

    Under this law a person occupying or entitled to occupy agricultural land , under a lease agreement or by authority shall not make non-conforming use of that land save under a written permit from the Minister of Agriculture (sect. 2). Under section 3, an occupier may not transfer his personal quota of water to another person or use it or permit another person to use it for the purposes of land of which non-conforming use is made, save under a special permit. Section 4 and 5 establish a Determining Committee for the purpose of this law.

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    An Act to provide for a realistic basis for taxing of land, and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

    Belize, Americas, Central America

    Land includes, inter alia, lagoons and open waters. "Agricultural land" means land outside the limits of Suburban lands, Beach lands or Towns. The Chief Valuer shall be appointed for purposes of this Act under section 3. Owners of lands situated outside the town limits shall submit a return to the Chief Valuer within three months of acquisition or entry into force of the present Act as the case may be (sect. 5).

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    Botswana, Southern Africa, Africa

    This Order of the President made under section 19 of the Tribal Land Act, 1968, establishes the Subordinate Land Boards set out in the Schedule to this Order and defines the composition and functions of these Boards. These Boards shall have jurisdiction in their respective specified areas or villages. Functions shall be transferred from Subordinate Land Authorities to the Boards and include decision making regarding ploughing of land, grazing of cattle, and communal uses of land.

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    Belarus, Eastern Europe, Europe

    This Code regulates the relationship originating in connection with geological survey, the use and the protection of subsoil in the Republic of Belarus. This Code contains legal foundation of the all-round rational use and protection of subsoil, provides for safeguard of the interests of state and citizens of the Republic of Belarus as well as the rights of the users of subsoil. The document consists of XI Sections that contain 60 articles. Section I lays down the general provisions. Section II regards state regulation in the field of use and protection of subsoil.

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