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    An Act to declare the customary law with respect to the Iroijlaplap right, title and interest in and to Bikini Atoll.

    Marshall Islands, Oceania

    This Act declares customary law pursuant to Article X, Section 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of the Marshall Islands in respect of right, title and interest in and to Bikini Atoll in the Ralik Chain. As a result of the circumstances attributed to the long time span of the legacy and influence of foreign domination, the customary law shall, have limited force and effect with respect to specified rights and activities.

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    Mauritania, Africa, Western Africa

    Les dispositions de la présente loi ont pour objet de définir les concepts et les principes d’une gestion rationnelle de l’espace pastoral et de déterminer les règles précises devant régir l’ensemble des aspects de l’activité pastorale de manière à assurer la préservation et la promotion du pastoralisme dans le cadre d’une évolution harmonieuse du développement rural. Le droit d’accès aux ressources pastorales est entendu comme la garantie pour le pasteur de la liberté de passage vers la ressource naturelle.

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    An Act to provide for the adjudication of rights and interests in land and for purposes connected therewith or incidental thereto.

    Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean, Americas

    The Minister may by Order in such form as may be prescribed, declare any area to be an adjudication area, from such date as may be specified in the Order (sect. 3). There shall be an Adjudication Officer who shall be an attorney-at-law of at least ten years The President shall appoint such Assistant Adjudication Officers, Demarcation Officers, Recording Officers and Survey Officers as may be necessary for the purposes of this Act.

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    Belarus, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The Supreme Soviet decrees as follows: 1). to put into effect the law regarding the right to land property from the 1st of September 1993; 2). till the conformation of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus to the law regarding the right to land property the effective legislative acts must be used to the extent that they do not contradict the aforesaid law; 3).

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    Belarus, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The present Law establishes the form of land ownership, the base of origin, changes and cessation of land ownership, regulates the order of realization of the rights and the duties of landowners. The land relationship connected with privatisation of buildings, structures, and constructions belonging to state property are regulated by special acts related to land legislation. Land ownership in the Republic of Belarus is present in the forms of state and private ownership.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Monaco, Liechtenstein, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Western Europe, Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe

    Ce protocole a été convenu par les Parties contractantes de la Convention sur la protection des Alpes (Convention alpine) soucieuses d'élaborer une procédure efficace de consultation et de règlement des différends dans le cadre de la Convention alpine et de ses protocoles. En cas de différend relatif à l'interprétation ou à l'application de la Convention alpine ou de l'un de ses protocoles, les Parties contractantes s'efforcent en priorité de trouver un règlement par voie de consultation ou par une procédure d'arbitrage.

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    An Act to provide for dealings between owners of land and alienators and matters incidental thereto.

    Vanuatu, Oceania

    This Act makes provision for the registration of alienators having the right to negotiate negotiation of alienation of land of custom owners and the registration of mortgages on alienated land. Furthermore the Act provides for various matters relative to negotiation of land and consequences of alienation. Notwithstanding the provisions of the Land Reform Act, Cap. 123, the Minister shall cause a register of alienators to be kept (sect. 2) and if the Minister is satisfied that an applicant under section 3 is an alienator he shall register him as such in the Register.

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    An Act to provide for a Lands Referee.

    Vanuatu, Oceania

    A Land Referee shall be appointed by the President on the advice of the Judicial Service Commission. The Referee shall have jurisdiction to determine the following matters: (a) the amount of rent payable for a lease of land whether originally or on periodic reassessment; (b) the value of improvements on or to land; (c) any matter referred to him by any party to a lease of land relating to the interpretation of a provision in a lease; (d) any matter which is by any Act or Order directed to be determined by him. A decision of the Referee shall be final.

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    Vanuatu, Oceania

    The principal Act is further amended by deleting section 4 and substituting the following new-section therefor: A decision of the Referee shall be final: provided that any person aggrieved by the decision as being erroneous in point of law may appeal to the Supreme Court within 30 days of the notification by the Referee of his decision to him.

    Amends: Lands Referee Act (Cap. 148). (1984)

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    Lov om husleieavtaler (husleieloven).

    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Act defines rights and duties of parties involved in agreements relating to the right to the use of property in return for remuneration and provides for arbitration between parties.The Act is divided into 13 Chapters: General provisions(1); Availability for occupation by the tenant and requirements regarding the property (2); Rent and other payment (3); Rent protection (4); The parties’ obligations during the tenancy period (5); Resident representation in certain tenancies of dwellings (6); Inclusion as member of household and sub-letting (7); Change of tenant by transfer or succession

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