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    Training Resources & Tools
    December, 2002
    Chad, Nigeria, Cameroon, Africa, Middle Africa, Western Africa

    The Kuri cattle breed is found on the shores and islands of Lake Chad. Its main habitat is in southern Chad and north-eastern Nigeria but the breed is also found in northern Cameroon, in Niger and, to a limited extent, in the Central African Republic. The Kuri are also known as the Baharie, Bare, Borrie, Boudouma, Dongolé, Koubouri, Buduma or White Lake Chad. The importance of the Kuri lies not only in its unique physical characteristics but also in its meat and milk production potentials. The breed is so acclimatised to the environs of Lake Chad that it is unable to survive elsewhere.

  2. Library Resource
    Training Resources & Tools
    December, 2014
    Kenya, Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Africa

    The manual was created specifically for use in the Western Kenya Smallholder Agricultural Carbon project, managed by the Swedish NGO Vi Agroforestry, which is the test case for the first Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) methodology for generating carbon credits by building organic matter in agricultural soils. The project aims to provide support to farmers as they implement the sustainable agricultural and management (SALM) practices which generate the carbon credits within the project.

  3. Library Resource
    Training Resources & Tools
    December, 2003

    No one should be surprised that soil fertility in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa is declining

  4. Library Resource

    Capacity Building for Stakeholders in Smallholder Agricultural Carbon Projects in Eastern Africa

    Training Resources & Tools
    December, 2014
    Eastern Africa, Africa

    This manual has been developed to help build the capacities of farmers, farmers groups, extension staff and project managers who are implementing agricultural carbon projects in Eastern Africa. The manual describes the steps for implementing an afforestation/reforestation voluntary carbon project based on the Plan Vivo Standard.

  5. Library Resource
    Training Resources & Tools
    December, 1998

    This training manual emphasises an integrated approach to research on small ruminants. Eleven modules cover the topics in an integrated approach to improving small ruminant productivity in sub-Saharan Africa. It starts with describing small ruminants in various agro-ecological zones in sub-Saharan Africa with emphasis on the prevailing production systems. The user is then introduced to the concepts and methodologies of farming systems research to better understand the needs of the smallholder farmer.

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