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    An Enactment to make provisions relating to the protection of environment and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

    Malaysia, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    This Act constitutes the legislative framework in matter of environmental protection within the State of Sabah. Part II of the Act is devoted to the setting up of the Environment Protection Council whose functions shall be to advise the State Government on matters relevant to the implementation of these provisions. On the other side, Part IV of the Act provides for the establishment of the Environment Protection Fund. Further provisions as regards public servants and administration competent in the environmental field are laid down in Part V.

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    Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The Minister orders to validate the Instructions. Structural bodies of the central office of the Ministry and its territorial agencies must adopt for guidance and application the aforesaid Regulation. The present Instructions regulate the activity of the bodies of the Ministry of Natural Resources as regards the organization and carrying out state control over the use and protection of land.

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    قرار جمهوري بالقانون رقم (39) لسنة 1991م بشأن السجل العقاري

    Yemen, Western Asia

    This Resolution is composed of 37 articles. Terms and definitions are given in article 1. Lands shall be divided into 3 parts: public lands, private lands and endowment lands (art. 2). There shall be two systems for land registration: individual and corporate body (art. 3). The inheritance right shall be written if it includes a land (art. 10). Rent contracts which exceed 5 years shall be registered in the appropriate newspaper (art. 13). Articles 20-26 deals with dispute settlements. The Prime Minister shall issue the Regulation for registration fees (art. 33).

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    An Act to provide for land ownership, use and rights attached to land and matters connected or incidental thereto

    Tanzania, Africa, Eastern Africa

    Preliminary (I); Public land (II); Right of occupancy to land (III); Right of ownership of trees (IV); Grants of public lands (V), Leases (VI); Termination of rights of occupancy (VII); Miscellaneous provisions (VIII).All land in Zanzibar is declared to be public land and is vested in the President (sect. 3). Land taken by the Government is declared to be confiscated land and any irregularities in acquisition shall be resolved through procedures under the Land Adjudication Act. Section 5 concerns easements on banks of waterways.

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    Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe

    This Regional Law establishes legal land economic grounds for state regulation of soil fertility of agricultural land. The Regional Law consists of 6 Chapters. Chapter 1 (arts. 1-3) lays down the main provisions. Chapter 2 (arts. 4-6) regards plenary powers of regional authorities and local self-government of the municipal units in the sphere of ensuring soil fertility of agricultural land. Chapter 3 (arts. 7-17) regards state regulation in the sphere of ensuring soil fertility of agricultural land. Chapter 4 (arts.

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    Australia, Oceania

    This Act, consisting of 52 sections divided into ten Parts, provides for the internal rules of the Land Court. It is divided as follows: preliminary (Part 1), starting proceedings (Part 2), ending proceeding early (Part 3), court supervision (Part 4), evidence (Part 5), jurisdiction of judicial registrar (Part 6), hearing proceedings (Part 7), orders (Part 8), appeals to the Land Appeal Court (Part 9) and miscellaneous (Part 10).

    Implements: Land Court Act 2000. (2017-06-05)

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    An Act to establish the Land Court, and for related purposes.

    Australia, Oceania

    This Act establishes and regulates the Land Court, it consists of 94 sections and is divided into six Parts. The Act also establishes a Land Appeal Court, specifies its jurisdiction and operation. Both courts are the continuance of the courts established under the Land Act 1962 and preserved in existence by the Land Act 1994 (Part 6).

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    An Ordinance further to amend the Forest Ordinance.

    Ghana, Africa, Western Africa

    The amendments of the principal Act concern the procedures in an enquiry by the Reserve Settlement Commissioner in respect of rights of a proposed Forest Reserve and procedures with a native Court. The new section concerns surveys in the framework of a land dispute.

    Amends: Forest Ordinance (Cap. 157). (1954)

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    Haiti, Americas, Caribbean

    Le présent décret institue une section speciale chargée de connaître des contestations relatives aux terres de la plaine de l'Artibonite.

    Mis en oeuvre par: Arrêté du 19 décembre 1986 déterminant les limites et les aires des divisions géographiques de chacune des sections terriennes définies aux articles 2,3 et 4 du décret du 30 juillet 1986 instituant une section speciale chargée de connaître des contestations relatives aux terres de la plaine de l'Artibonite. (1986-12-19)

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    This Act concerns the taxes related to the transfer of land. It covers assessment of taxes, their registration, collection and refund. Under section 9, records of every person required to file an affidavit or deliver a return under section 5 shall keep at their principal place of business documents, records and accounts in such form and containing such information as will enable an accurate determination of the taxes payable under this Act. Other provisions concern investigation (sect. 10), appeals (sect. 14), lien on real property (sect. 15) and dispute resolution (sect. 20).

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