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    Reports & Research
    January, 2013

    News, views and experiences of policy-makers, practitioners and communities on making rangelands secure for local users

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    An Act of Parliament to prescribe periods for the limitation for actions and arbitrations, and to make provision concerning the acquisition of easements by prescription, and for matters incidental thereto and matters connected therewith.

    Kenya, Eastern Africa, Africa

    This Act concerns limitations applying to legal action such as actions of contract and tort; actions to recover land, registered title and rent; actions to recover money secured by a mortgage or charge or to recover proceeds of the sale of land; actions in respect of trust property or movable property of deceased person; and actions against the government and public authorities, etc. The Act also concerns the application of limitation law to arbitration, the acquisition of easements and registration of title to land or easement acquired under Act.

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    South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa

    These Regulations implement provisions of the Land Survey Act with respect to, among other things: field measurements and observations; connection to the National Control Survey System; manner and methods of survey; marking; testing of survey by the Surveyor-General; general plans; and arbitration proceedings.

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    Niger, Africa, Western Africa

    La présente loi fixe les règles et principes fondamentaux de la libre administration des collectivités territoriales (la commune et la région), leurs compétences et leurs ressources.Elle comprend 333 articles repartis en huit (08) parties ou livres, notamment les dispositions générales (Livre I; les collectivités territoriales et de leurs organes (Livre II); les transferts de compétences de l’Etat aux collectivités territoriales (Livre III); le fonctionnement des organes délibérants des collectivités territoriales (Livre IV); le régime financier des collectivités territoriales (Livre V); le

  5. Library Resource
    Rwanda, Eastern Africa, Africa

    La présente loi comprend 74 articles repartis en 7 chapitres,notamment les dispositions générales(I); la catégorisation des terres(II); administration et gestion des terres(III); droits et obligations fonciers (IV); prescription(V); sanctions pénales, mesures et sanctions administratives (VI); dispositions diverses,transitoires et finales(VII).Elle détermine les modalités d’allocation, d’acquisition,d’usage et de gestion des terres au Rwanda.Elle établit également les principes applicables aux droits reconnus sur l’ensemble des terres situées sur le territoire du Rwanda, ainsi que tous les

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    Land access and labor and income-generating opportunities

    Reports & Research
    January, 2013

    The gender and equity implications of land-related investments on land access and labour and income-generating opportunities A case study of selected agricultural Investments in LAO PDR (2013)

  7. Library Resource
    Senegal, Western Africa, Africa

    Le présent décret crée une commission nationale chargée de la réforme foncière.La Commission nationale chargée de la réforme foncière a pour mission de conduire toutes les études et recherches relatives à l’occupation du domaine de l’Etat et du domaine national; d’analyser les textes législatifs et réglementaires en vigueur et de faire des propositions de modification; d’identifier les contraintes et de mettre en place un cadre juridique et institutionnel attractif, offrant des garanties aux investisseurs et assurant la sécurité et la paix sociale, en vue d’une gestion rationnelle du domain

  8. Library Resource

    We No Longer Share the Land - Oxfam Briefing Paper

    Policy Papers & Briefs
    January, 2014
    Central African Republic

    Most analyses of violence in Darfur ignore the local dimension of the crisis, focusing instead on the region’s economic and political marginalization and climatic variability. However, agricultural change and other changes relating to the land-rights and land-use systems have led to competition and exclusion, and have played a major role in the collective violence that has raged throughout the region. Understanding these questions is essential for the successful resolution of political and policy debates in Darfur.

    - - - 

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    Land access and labor and income-generating opportunities

    Reports & Research
    January, 2013
    Southern Africa

    In recent years, Zambia has witnessed increased interest from private investors in acquiring land for agriculture. As elsewhere, large-scale land acquisitions are often accompanied with promises of capital investments to build infrastructure, bring new technologies and know-how, create employment, and improve market access, among other benefits

    A Case Study of Selected Agricultural Investments in Zambia (2013) 

  10. Library Resource

    Land access and labor and income-generating opportunities

    January, 2013
    Ghana, Western Africa

    Agricultural investments create risks as well as opportunities, for instance The Case Study of Integrated Tamale Fruit Company (2013) In recent years, Ghana has witnessed increased interest from private companies in developing agricultural investments. This trend is common to many lower/middle income countries.

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