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    August, 2013

    This qualitative assessment of poverty
    in Albania seeks to deepen the understanding of poverty in
    the country, first, by involving poor Albanians in a process
    of exploring the causes, nature, extent of poverty, and how
    it affects their livelihoods. Second, it is intended to
    support the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
    (PRSP); third, it supports preparation of the Country
    Assistance Strategy (CAS), and the Living Standards

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017
    Albania, Latvia

    The aim of this paper is to research the process of compulsory acquisition of land and its fixtures in the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline project in Albania from the perspective of the affected persons. The legislation of Albania as well as international principles concerning compulsory acquisition of property was analysed. Examined also was the process of how legal and institutional framework is applied in determining adequate compensation to landowners who are mostly small rural farmers.

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    Abkommen zwischen der Republik Österreich und der Republik Albanien über die bilateralen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen.

    International Conventions or Treaties
    Albania, Austria, Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe

    An Agreement between between the Federal Government of the Republic of Austria and the Republic of Albania on bilateral economic relations. The Contracting Parties shall develop economic bilateral cooperation for their mutual benefit in the following fields: agriculture and forestry, food industry, energy, protection of the environment, soil protection, pesticides. The text consists of 14 sections.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    North Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Eastern Europe, Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe

    By virtue of this Agreement the Parties aim at the protection of the ecosystem and sustainable development of the Prespa Park Area. Cooperation includes the prudent management of water quality and quantity of the Prespa Lakes; pollution prevention of control; biodiversity protection; protection of soil against erosion, depletions, infections and pollution; preventing the introduction of alien animal and plant species. The Agreement provides for the adoption of plans, porgrammes and environmental standards and criteria to achieve these objectives.

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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 1997

    This report has been prepared as one effort to assist the Albanian government in formulating a policy approach appropriate to the conditions and culture of their country. The goal of this report is to examine the approach to agricultural land protection in other parts of the world, for the lessons they can provide to Albania. There is little recent literature on the subject of agricultural land protection policies. Most of the articles found in the English-language literature are six to ten years old, and in turn often rely on other sources that are several years older still.

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    April, 2015

    This country note for Albania is part of
    series of country briefs that summarizes information
    relevant to climate change and agriculture for four pilot
    countries in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region, with
    a particular focus on climate and crop projections,
    adaptation options, policy development, and institutional
    involvement. The note series has been developed to provide a
    baseline of knowledge on climate change and agriculture for

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    Document aggregated from Resource Equity Landwise Database
    January, 1994
  8. Library Resource
    Document aggregated from Resource Equity Landwise Database
    January, 2008
  9. Library Resource
    Document aggregated from Resource Equity Landwise Database
    January, 2003

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