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January 2019
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Housing is one of the fundamental needs for human to respond their primary needs such as food rest cleaning and having family in other words everything that related to the needs of body and soul of a human Nowadays by increasing the population in the world the suitable shelter becomes a real problem In the point of economic also the prices of the houses increase too much so it is not affordable for lowincome people to have shelter easily After the revolution in Iran country there is huge immigration from the rural part to metropolitan areas Most of these peoples belong to a lowincome family new couples and labours Governments try to solve this problem by creating some policies The aim of this study is to analyze the crime in affordable houses located in suburbs area This research will answer the important factor that causes crime in affordable housing in suburbans The case study in this research is Mehr houses created for lowincome people in Iran This research analyzed the factors which may cause to raise the crime in that area based on the literature review and previous analysis by different theories in this field Data is collected by literature review news books papers The result of this research confirms the possibility of Mehr affordable houses in suburbs transfer to the area that raises the crime

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