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African Cities Journal aspires to gather existing and future knowledge in the field of urban spaces in Africa through original research articles, as well as more prospective endeavours of theory and methodology. 

Interdisciplinarity is the journal’s DNA. From urban studies and the African continent as geographical unit, African Cities Journal explores different fields of research from political sciences, architecture, social sciences, environment and urban ecology, etc. ACJ will provide overlapping perspectives on research questions.
The journal is the forefront of research on African cities. It is an open-system, which allows researchers on the continent and around the world to access the latest high-level work. The assessment process is strict and uses a double-blind peer-reviewing method. A scientific committee including internationally recognized experts in their fields provides the general journal framework. The journal is bilingual in English and French so authors can publish their work in their preferred language.



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Interweaving urban land tenure, spatial expansion and political institutions

Peer-reviewed publication
November, 2021

This monographic overview article presents an urban history of Niger’s capital Niamey with the lens on three aspects: the urban and spatial development, the evolution of urban land rights, and the dynamics of socio-political institutions. It is based on the sparse scientific and grey literature, available mostly in French, and aims to provide a concise overview in English on the becoming of this rather unknown Sahelian capital.