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A UNAC é um movimento de Camponeses, do sector familiar, que luta pela participação activa dos camponeses no processo de desenvolvimento de Moçambique fundado em 1987 e registada em 1994. As mudanças políticas e económicas que se operaram em 1987 motivaram o surgimento desta movimento

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Preliminary Analysis of the Phenomenon of Land Grabbing in Mozambique

Reports & Research
March, 2011

The term ‘usurpation’ refers to the action of crafty or violent appropriation of something which is legitimately owned by someone else and is therefore; taken without right, acquired by fraud, or illegally possessed. The term is used to describe the global phenomenon of “land grabbing”, such as the rent or purchase of vast extensions of land in poorer developing countries (as is the case of Mozambique) by richer countries with food insecurity and by private investors of those same countries so as to produce or explore diverse goods for export.

Library Resource
Reports & Research
July, 2009

In Mozambique, the debate on agrofuels has steadily advanced over the last five years, fueled by industry speculation and demand, grand promises and foreign interests. Investors have applied for rights to close to 5 million hectares in Mozambique in 2007 alone, nearly one-seventh of the country’s officially defined “arable” land and is rushing to create favorable conditions for investors at the cost of civil rights of Mozambicans.

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