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This is the classification for any and all of Lesotho's government entities and organs.
South Africa
The Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII) is an online repository of legal information from South Africa that aims to promote the rule of law and judicial accountability by publishing legal material for open access in line with the objectives of the global Free Access to Law…
The Crib Dinchope Craven Arms Shropshire United Kingdom
What we do We are reminded on a daily basis that the natural environment in which we live is vitally important for our well-being, whether it is in the form of climate change, global warming, declining fertility or dwindling natural resources. Sustainable forest management plays a central role…
SADC House Plot No. 54385 Gaborone Botswana
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) was established as a development coordinating conference (SADCC) in 1980 and transformed into a development community in 1992. It is an inter-governmental organisation whose goal is to promote sustainable and equitable economic growth and socio-…
1099 14th Street NW, Suite 700 Washington United States
The MCC compact integrated conclusions from Lesotho’s poverty reduction plan, the result of a three-year consultative process led by the government involving 20,000 people in 200 villages across the country. By the end of the compact in September 2013, the government and MCC had spent nearly 99…