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The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) is the structure that brings together all the stakeholders aiming to achieve improved rural development results in the EU.

The ENRD supports the effective implementation of EU Member States' Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) by generating and sharing knowledge, as well as through facilitating information exchange and cooperation across rural Europe.

The ENRD was established in 2008 by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI). In the current programming period 2014-2020, the ENRD has four key objectives:

  1. Increase the involvement of stakeholders in rural development;
  2. Improve the quality of Rural Development Programmes;
  3. Better inform on the benefits of Rural Development policy;
  4. Support the evaluation of Rural Development Programmes.

The main stakeholders of the ENRD include National Rural Networks (NRNs); RDP Managing Authorities and Paying Agencies; Local Action Groups (LAGs); European stakeholder organisations; agricultural advisory services and other interested rural development stakeholders and organisations.

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Junho, 2014
Europa, Global

Family farming has many different meanings to many different people. While such farms come in all shape and sizes, one thing all practitioners agree on is that family farming is more than a business – it’s a way of life. The following article shows what constitutes this way of life, the challenges that family farms in Europe and throughout the world face and why and how the European Union supports this type of enterprise.

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