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JASIL’s Program Aim is to support  for community based  pro-poor policies and facilitate the empowerment of communities  and its Associations. JASIL has been involved in the Sustainable Management of Common natural resources in Mongolia  since 2003,  and Collaborative Learning for the Co-management of natural resources in Mongolia, since 2007, working closely with the Ministry of Nature and the Environment, Ministry of food and agriculture. JASIl participated in the development and  the formulation of Land Law (2002),  Law on “Reinvestment of Natural Resource Use Fee for the Protection of the Environment and the Restoration of Natural Resources” (2000), Ammendment to Environment Protection law on Community (2005), Forest Law (2007) and the sub-law on Community Based Natural Resources Management (2006) , National “Green Wall program” (2005) and currently working on the implementation of these policy documents and approval of Draft Pasture Law (2011)  of the grassland reform in Mongolia.



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Gender Analysis in Natural Resource Management

Reports & Research
Agosto, 2011

In our interventions CM includes a major role for the community, as well as for different social and less privileged groups, such as women. One of the project interventions has been the establishment of women groups in all communities and their increased participation in the decision-making for NRM. We also organized different activities to support women’s household income generation activities.