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Grace Namataka is a lawyer working at International Justice Mission (IJM) where she is responsible for coordinating multi-disciplinary trainings for various stakeholders to effectively respond to violence against women and children. She has led and contributed to the training of police, prosecutors, local leaders, CSOs, government ministries and communities on issues concerning rights of women and children. Grace hates injustice especially that perpetrated against women and children and believes that every human being deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Having grown up seeing injustice in her community, she is deeply passionate about engaging with communities and mobilizing them for social good. She has an established background in social and behavior change communication and she has mentored local leaders in Mukono County on how they can empower their communities to prevent and respond to land grabbing against widows and orphans.

Before joining IJM, Grace volunteered with the Legal Aid Clinic of the Law Development Center to extend legal aid services to the indigent and juveniles in Kampala.

when she is not communicating about women’s rights, she loves to spend time with her family, listen to live music, watch movies, hangout with friends and trying so hard to maintain a workout routine.



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