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Lillian Bruce is a Social Development, Natural Resources and Environmental Governance Specialist. She earned her master’s degrees in Natural Resources and Environmental Governance in (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology), Ghana and Democracy, Governance, Law and Development in University of Cape Coast.  Lillian is currently the National Coordinator for Civil Society Coalition on Land (CICOL) since 2008.  CICOL is a research and advocacy platform and movements of Civil Society Organizations who is interested in and working on Land Rights, Governance, and other Natura Resources and Land related issues in Ghana. The Coalitions works through Advocacy to ensure the voice of the voiceless are heard in the policy formulation processes. We envisage to achieve a pro-poor policies that addresses land issues for both marginalized and vulnerable in society particularly women to increase agricultural productivity, economic empowerment, property rights and security.

Lillian had been the Coordinator of CICOL working on strategic issues on land such as the Commercial Plantation and its impacts on food security, livelihoods and environment of communities in Ghana; Women access and control of Land rights; The Extractive Industries and its impacts on Land rights and security of tenure. Lillian is a member of several special committees of the Ghana Land Administration Project both 1 and 2 and has facilitated and participated in several sessions and Conferences on Land issues both at the National and International levels. 

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