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Map of Iraq


Iraq is a multi-cultural society and post war country that has been deeply influenced by political conflicts over the last 30 years. With a total land of 435,052 Km2, Iraq ranks 59th worldwide in terms of area. Iraq's population is nearly 44 million and growing at 2.3% annually. About 71% belongs to the urban population mostly in Baghdad. The insecurity and inter-communal violence plays a significant role in the migration inside and outside Iraqi cities. The Government of Iraq, with the support of the International community, deployed efforts to promote stabilization and initiate the reconstruction process.  
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Land Area
43,412,800 ha
8,962.4 USD
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New country profile: Iraq

15 November 2023

A country with major recent troubles, Iraq also has a history of land laws that goes back thousands of years, starting from the Babylonian period in 1810 BC. The country profile examines land issues in Iraq in the context of its long history, post-war development goals, land conflicts, legal system…

Launching the LAND-at-scale project in Iraq

9 October 2023

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), the Netherlands embassy in Bagdad (EKN) and the Netherlands Enterprise and Development Agency (RVO) are delighted to announce a LAND-at-scale project in Iraq. Over the coming three years, the project will work to initiate policy dialogue…

Leave No One Behind: Land Tenure in Post-Conflict Iraq

27 July 2023

Minorities, women, and persons internally displaced face severe land tenure issues in post-conflict Iraq.

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Justice innovation in Iraq:Introducing the justice innovation component to the LAND-at-scale activities in Iraq

28 February 2024

The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HIIL) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) are delighted to announce a new collaboration for complementary LAND-at-scale activities in Iraq. Activities focus on justice innovation and support: by scouting, vetting, selecting and supporting promising…

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First Arab Land Conference

The Government of the United Arab Emirates in partnership with the World Bank, the Global Land Tool Network, UN-Habitat, the Arab League and the Arab Union of Surveyors heldthe first Arab Land Conference that will be hosted by the Dubai Land Department and held in Dubai, UAE, from 26-28 /February…

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LAND-at-scale Iraq

1 January 2024