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Map of Niger


With its 1,267,000 km², Niger is the largest country in West Africa. However, since two-thirds of its territory is located in the Sahara desert, agriculture is only possible in a strip corresponding to the southern third of the country. Desertification is a major issue in Niger, which increases the pressure on land. The degradation of natural resources weakens the pastoral system and hinders the practice of agriculture. Faced with these challenges, the State and citizens of Niger are trying to regreen the country through reforestation and assisted natural regeneration. The country also started in 2013 to review its land regulations.
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Land Area
126,670,000 ha
1,186.6 USD

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Pastoral Land Rights

Uncovering Land Governance Challenges in 9 African Countries: NELGA’s Overview of Pastoralism and Small-Scale Farming

30 January 2023

NELGA has put out nine country profiles about South Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Egypt, and Mauritania. These profiles give information about pastoralism and small-scale agriculture in these countries.

Herder-farmer conflict in the Sahel needs a new description: why ‘eco-violence’ fits

13 July 2022

The conflicts between herders and farmers over water and grazing opportunities have been going on for decades.

Dr. Seydou Abouba, Coordonnateur Du Processus De L’élaboration De La Politique Foncière Au Niger : « La Gouvernance Foncière Doit Garantir L’accès Équitable À Tous Les Nigériens Aux Ressources Pour Pouvoir Produire.»

26 November 2021

M. le coordonnateur, le lancement de la mise en œuvre de la politique foncière au Niger et de son plan d’actions 2021-2025 a eu lieu, il y a quelques jours à Niamey. Quelle est l’importance de cette étape dans le processus de la politique foncière rurale au Niger ? Merci! C’est vraiment un grand…

Niger is making significant efforts to restore degraded land and soil. Since 2016, the various activities carried out, such as dune fixation and assisted natural regeneration, have made it possible to recover 518 405 hectares.

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Land Monitoring and the SDGs

Challenges and Opportunities in Monitoring Land Data for the Sustainable Development Goals

16 May 2023

Land is a finite resource, and access to it is essential for the livelihoods of individuals and communities. To ensure that access to land is secure and equitable for all, the United Nations has set the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 1.4.2, which measures individuals' land tenure security, and…