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Nigeria is a populous middle-income country that heavily relies on revenues from oil and gas exports, ranking among the 10 biggest oil exporters in the world. However, agriculture is as important to Nigeria’s economy contributing 21.9% to the GDP and providing employment for more than half the rural population.
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SPECIAL REPORT: Soilless Farming to the Rescue. How to Boost Agriculture Without Hurting Forests

3 February 2023

 In his story, Soilless Farming to the Rescue. How to Boost Agriculture Without Hurting Forests, published by the Foundation for Investigative Journalism, Abdullah Tijani tells how Adebowale Onafowora, a Nigerian agricultural entrepreneur, embraced hydroponics as an alternative to traditional…

African countries are tapping their fossil fuel wealth. Why aren’t they getting rich?

7 December 2022

 A growing body of research suggests that rather than serving as a boon for development, major fuel discoveries tend to spawn corruption and economic instability in countries that lack strong financial institutions and legal systems. More recent research suggests that these effects are not only…

Oshogbo sacred grove, 2013, photo by Jbdone ,Flickr ,License CC BY-NC 2.0

Gold and the goddess:How mining polluted Nigeria’s sacred Osun river

2 September 2022

In 2011, an estimated 400 children died from lead poisoning in Bagega community in Zamfara state and thousands more were found to have excess levels of lead in their blood.



Even if Nigeria’s Constitution provides equal land, divorce, and inheritance rights to men and women, according to customary practices, women are regarded as their spouse’s property and as such are not entitled to own land themselves.

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India Land rights

PhD Session II

5 July 2021

In the second PhD session of the LANDac Conference 2021, three PhD researchers presented their work in progress. We learned about slums in Abuja, Nigeria, about forest rights in India, and about the relation between inequalities in soil fertility, gender, and access to subsidies. Each presentation…

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The Root of Inequality? Customary Tenure and Women’s Rights to Land in West Africa

This webinar discusses women's land rights under customary tenure