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Singapore is a city-state formed by one main island and then numerous islets. It is located between Malaysia and Indonesia. The Malay port of Temasek emerged by the 14th century, and the British founded Singapore as a trading colony in 1819.  In 1963, the city achieved independence from Britain as part of the Federation of Malaysia, only to split from it in 1965 and become a sovereign state. In the subsequent years, a period of spectacular economic growth has seen Singapore emerge as one of the world’s most affluent countries, at an average of 7.7% GDP per year from independence until 2019.
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The SLA and the Housing Board said that the move will allow for “greater administrative and operational efficiency”

SLA to take over management of state land within public housing estates from HDB starting March 1

19 January 2023

From March 1, individuals and organisations will need to turn to the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) to apply for the use of state land within HDB estates.

Proposed law to protect state land will raise penalties, give more powers to enforcement officers

7 November 2022

A new State Lands Protection Bill propose to raise the maximum fine faced by offenders who encroach on or damage state land.

Singapore will plant 1 million trees by 2030

7 July 2022

Singapore has launched a reforestation campaign after losing huge amounts of mangrove habitats in the past century. It plans to plant 1 million trees within 10 years to improve living conditions for wildlife and people. The scheme began in March 2020 and had led to the planting of 51,819 trees…



Nearly a quarter of land in Singapore is reclaimed, and questions have been raised over the acquisition of sand from neighbouring countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar, in order to feed the reclamation process.

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The Big Read: As clamour grows for preservation in land-scarce Singapore, something’s got to give

The Big Read: As clamour grows for preservation in land-scarce Singapore, something’s got to give

1 February 2021

While green groups spoken to agreed that the Government has become more receptive to their views, they believe it is now time to put conservation or preservation at the front and centre of future development projects.   By Navene Elangovan for Channels News Asia (CNA) Singapore Original…