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Map of Uganda


Uganda is landlocked country located in East Africa an area of 236,040 km2 (146,675 square miles) and a total land boundary of 2,698 kilometers (1,676 miles). It is a natural resource dependent country, and agriculture is dominated by small-holder farmers. Therefore, land is an essential asset for the population and national development. Consequently, government has turned its attention to law and policy reforms that address land-governance challenges, some of which emerge from historical injustices and the colonial legacy.
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Lands minister declares all leases null and void

8 October 2022

A top official in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development has declared illegal all leases where land is being used by bibanja holders.     Mr Sam Mayanja, the junior Lands minister, says evictions of lessees (tenants) by district land boards should stop forthwith. The minister…

Karamoja, Uganda: When climate change intersects with conflict and poverty

28 July 2022

Karamoja, Uganda: Karamoja is one of the poorest regions in Uganda with a poverty rate of 66%, more than three times the national poverty rate This is the first time in three years that all the nine districts of Karamoja; Abim, Amudat, Kaabong, Karenga, Kotido, Moroto, Nabilatuk, Nakapiripit and…

Canada’s development finance institution and land grabbing in Africa

20 July 2022

This interview is part of a series with unions, non-governmental organizations and academics who are concerned about the Canadian government’s embrace the  “blended finance.”



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A resident of Moroto District

Mining and Community Development Agreements: a panacea for community justice in Uganda?

30 November 2022

Uganda’s extractives industry is growing exponentially and attracting both foreign and domestic mining companies. But too often, mineral-rich communities fail to benefit. Here, Kevin Bakulumpagi of ANARDE, Uganda discusses how Community Development Agreements can ensure affected communities both…

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State of Land Data & Information in East Africa: Catalyzing East Africa's Land Data Ecosystem

There is no doubt the Global Data Revolution has reached the land sector. Government data portals, open access academic journals, community mapping initiatives and other citizen-generated data - there is a palpable positive drive across the world that allows processes such as data collection to be…