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Map of Zambia


Zambia is a former British Colony which obtained independence in 1964. Heavily dependent on revenues from copper and cobalt mining, the economy has been vulnerable to the rise and fall of commodity prices throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Zambia is one of the least densely populated countries in Africa which is often characterised as being ‘land abundant’. Although the bulk of land in Zambia remains under systems of customary tenure, there have been significant shifts in the amount of land that has been converted to enable privatisation through statutory leasehold title. However, the extent of these conversions has yet to be reliably quantified. With the increasing demand for land, the need for accurate land data and tensions over unplanned urbanisation feature prominently on Zambia’s land governance agenda.
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Land Area
74,339,000 ha
3,236.8 USD

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Scenes from Chewe village

State of Land Information Reports Unveil Insights on Botswana and Zambia

4 July 2023

Two comprehensive State of Land Information (SOLI) reports have been released, providing in-depth assessments of the land data and information ecosystems in Botswana and Zambia. These reports examine the availability of land information and evaluate its compliance with open data standards. The…

Robin Palmer – the original land campaigner and scholar activist

27 March 2023

Robin Palmer sadly died on February 19th. Historian, lecturer, land campaigner, NGO worker and consultant, he was the original scholar activist. The large numbers of tributes that have been shared on many platforms (see here and here) are witness to his influence on many over several decades.

Upskilling smallholders remains a good recipe for sustainability

24 September 2022

For 75 year-old avocado farmer Godson Kalolo technical assistance has been the key to growing from a smallholder into an entrepreneur, harvesting 18 tonnes of avocado and delivering to a major supermarket chain.

Zambia is one of the most forested countries in Africa with approximately 67% of its land surface covered by miombo woodlands.

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Land Monitoring and the SDGs

Challenges and Opportunities in Monitoring Land Data for the Sustainable Development Goals

16 May 2023

Land is a finite resource, and access to it is essential for the livelihoods of individuals and communities. To ensure that access to land is secure and equitable for all, the United Nations has set the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 1.4.2, which measures individuals' land tenure security, and…

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Traditional Authorities

The role of African traditional authorities in land-based investment governance

By examining the landscapes of multiple African countries, we will unearth the myriad experiences of traditional leaders, emphasizing the variances in their legislative authority and the weight of their word. By drawing upon actual case studies, the discourse will underscore potential friction…