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Zambia is a former British Colony which obtained independence in 1964. Heavily dependent on revenues from copper and cobalt mining, the economy has been vulnerable to the rise and fall of commodity prices throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Zambia is one of the least densely populated countries in Africa which is often characterised as being ‘land abundant’. Although the bulk of land in Zambia remains under systems of customary tenure, there have been significant shifts in the amount of land that has been converted to enable privatisation through statutory leasehold title. However, the extent of these conversions has yet to be reliably quantified. With the increasing demand for land, the need for accurate land data and tensions over unplanned urbanisation feature prominently on Zambia’s land governance agenda.
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Upskilling smallholders remains a good recipe for sustainability

24 September 2022

For 75 year-old avocado farmer Godson Kalolo technical assistance has been the key to growing from a smallholder into an entrepreneur, harvesting 18 tonnes of avocado and delivering to a major supermarket chain.

Exporting copper from Zambia — a tale of two roads

14 August 2022

Copper remains Zambia’s principal export and tax earner. But getting the product out is subject to challenges of both hardware and software.  The towns on the road to Mongu are memorable for their roadside stalls and shiny tomatoes, throngs of people in brightly coloured chitenge, and the quaintly…

Medici Land Governance

Using Technology to Promote Pro-Poor Land Formalization

4 July 2022

LANDac International Conference 2022 Session Summary Technology is a powerful tool that can help protect the land rights of the poor and promote socioeconomic growth. However, if the land and technology policy frameworks are insufficient, if technology is not designed with a specific context in…



Zambia is one of the most forested countries in Africa with approximately 67% of its land surface covered by miombo woodlands.

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Overcoming Land Disputes by Fostering Relationships in Communities: Experiences from Zambia's Systematic Land Titling Program

21 June 2022

Overcoming Land Disputes by Fostering Relationships in Communities: Experiences from Zambia’s Systematic Land Titling Program Written by Dimuna Phiri and Kamiji Malasha Unresolved disputes and disorder, can be addressed through the judicial system. However, the process is expensive, slow,…

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Prindex - Perceptions of tenure security

Webinar: An introduction to Prindex, 28 November

Around the world, insecure property rights prevent families from feeling confident about the future, businesses from investing, and communities from becoming more productive. Hundreds of millions of us lack property security. This makes the world poorer, less free, and less just. There is a growing…