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Policy Papers & Briefs
July 2020

This policy brief provides details of the United Nations Special Rapporteur recommendations regarding how governments can upgrade informal settlements within a human rights-based framework. A human rights-based approach will require that residents are ensured security of tenure over the land on which they live.

South African land news March 2020
Reports & Research
April 2020
South Africa

Every day since Pres Ramaphosa was elected into office we have searched out South African land-related news which is curated on our website knowledgebase.land. This publication provides a brief summary of land news across a range of categories for March 2020

Peer-reviewed publication
March 2020

Land use development and transformation in informal settlements have been taking place because informal settlements have been alternative way of providing affordable housing to low income people. Many governments use strict regulations to deny informal settlements from infrastructure services but in Tanzania informal settlements are provided with such services.

Institutional & promotional materials
September 2019
South America
Central America

Recientemente se ha constituido una agenda urbana de desarrollo sostenible que tiene como fundamentos los diagnósticos y compromisos asumidos en diversos acuerdos internacionales que han tenido lugar en los últimos años. Entre estos resaltan la Agenda 2030, la Nueva Agenda Urbana Mundial y el Acuerdo de París.

Secure Land Tenure Rights For All
Policy Papers & Briefs
July 2019
Latin America and the Caribbean
Eastern Europe

The aim of this policy paper is to present successful approaches to secure land tenure rights in rural and urban areas. To support future programmatic decisions by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), this paper focusses especially on impacts and good practices.

Land Rights for Slum Dwellers in Odisha:  Making technology work  for the urban poor
Reports & Research
March 2019

The webinar Land Rights for Slum Dwellers in the East Indian State Odisha: Making technology work for the urban poor took place on 14 February, 2018. 

The webinar discussed anecdotes of the land rights policy in the state, application of innovative technology, processes and partnerships in the project execution and best practices followed in gaining rights for slum dwellers. 

Reports & Research
February 2019

O acampamento de “Sem Terra” ( Assentameno Alegre), do Pov. Alto Bonito, município de Riachão, Maranhão – Brasil, foi criado em 08 de junho de 2003 por trabalhadores rurais sem terra com o objetivo de conquistar uma área para o sustento. Após alguns meses decidiram acampar as margens da Rodovia Federal - BR 230, entre os povoados Alto Bonito e o Povoado Posto Fiscal.

December 2018

Namibia is compelled to observe and to undertake efforts to realise the right to adequate housing, since it has ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 1994.

December 2018

There has been rapid growth in urban populations in Namibia (Pendleton et al, 2014). This growth is amongst predominantly amongst less educated, poorer migrants from rural areas in search of opportunities in urban areas. From the data available the estimated shortfall of either titled land or houses appears to be above 150 000 and increasing at about 11 000 per year (Weber, 2017).

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