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July 2008
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The main aim of this study was to determine the dependence of yield and selected soil properties on topography of the experimental field by using topographical data (elevation, slope and flow accumulation). The topography and yield data were obtained from a yield monitor for combine harvester, soil properties data were taken from sampling points of our experimental field. Initially, the topographical parameters of elevation and slope were estimated and then the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) grid was created. Two models, the flow direction model and the flow accumulation model, were created on the basis of the field slope. The flow accumulation model, elevation and slope were then compared with the yield and content of N and organic C in soil in the years 2004, 2005 and 2006 in relation to the sum of precipitation and temperatures in crop growing seasons. There was a significant dependence of yield and soil nutrients content on flow accumulation. The correlation coefficients were 0.25 in the wettest year and 0.62 in the driest year.

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Kumhalova, J.,Vyzkumny Ustav Rostlinne Vyroby, Prague (Czech Republic)
Matejkova, S.,Vyzkumny Ustav Rostlinne Vyroby, Prague (Czech Republic)
Fifernova, M.,Ceska Geologicka Sluzba, Prague (Czech Republic)
Lipavsky, J.,Vyzkumny Ustav Rostlinne Vyroby, Prague (Czech Republic)
Kumhala, F.,Ceska Zemedelska Univ., Prague (Czech Republic). Katedra Zemedelskych Stroju

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