Translation of Global Climate Change Discourses to the Local Policies, and the Resilience of Pastoralists | Land Portal

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April 2020
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Copyright (c) 2020 African Journal on Land Policy and Geospatial Sciences

The paper focused on the need to document impacts of the global climate discourses at the local levels. In addition, it sought to fill the lacuna on the translation of discourses insofar as pastoralists land rights’ and adaptation are concerned, while looking at translation and implementation of these discourses. Theoretically, the paper employed the Actor-Network-Theory where civil society organizations are hinged around key actors in formulating Kenya climate law. Data was gather through key informants and desk reviews.  The paper found participation of pastoral communities in the global discourses e.g. Green Climate Fund readiness framework not as explicit. Additionally, civil society space has grown as exibited by the Paris Agreement  and pointer the Kenya climate change Act. Policy-wise, CSOs need to focus on developing county-specific climate regimes in Kenya, in line with the 2010 constitution, as pastoralists need to be part of the adaptation conversations.

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Mollo, Alphonce Agola

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