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June 2007
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Preamble of Land Act: "Whereas, legislative reforms initiated from the Golden Throne have resulted in enactment and amendment of many laws for the benefit of the people of Bhutan, the Land Act of Bhutan shall stand testimony to the continued commitment and diligence of the Druk Gyalpo in his pursuit to promote the well-being of the Bhutanese people. Whereas, this Act is envisaged to manage, regulate and administer the ownership and use of land for socioeconomic development and environmental well-being of the country through efficient and effective land administration, security of land tenure, equal opportunity to land, facilitation of operation of land market, effective use of land resources and conservation of the ecosystem. Be it enacted by the 87th session of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Bhutan on the 12th day of the 5th Month of the Female Fire Pig Year corresponding to the 27th day of June 2007"

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National Assembly of the Kingdom of Bhutan

Royal government of Bhutan seal

Following Britain’s victory in the 1865 Duar War, Britain and Bhutan signed the Treaty of Sinchulu, under which Bhutan would receive an annual subsidy in exchange for ceding land to British India. Ugyen WANGCHUCK - who had served as the de facto ruler of an increasingly unified Bhutan and had improved relations with the British toward the end of the 19th century - was named king in 1907. Three years later, a treaty was signed whereby the British agreed not to interfere in Bhutanese internal affairs, and Bhutan allowed Britain to direct its foreign affairs.

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