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November 2019
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The curriculum “​Open in Practice: Using Open Data, Knowledge Sharing and Information Management Systems in the Fight Against Land Corruption”​ is being developed to increase land professionals understanding of concepts relating to Corruption and Open Data, and identify how open land data can contribute to addressing the lack of transparency, poor accountability, and increase the participation of civil society actors in land administration, land-based investments & land policy related information.

The main objective for this curriculum is: “​to be used in the context of different institutions and actors in the land governance and corruption sectors and raise awareness on the different ways open data can be an effective anti-corruption tool, and on the importance of context and the associated possibilities and limitations of using open data within these contexts​”.

The curriculum is aimed at 3 main target audience groups: 1) policy makers, administrators and project managers, 2) researchers, and 3) infomediaries, which includes journalists, communication officers and (data) repository managers. Within these groups, the curriculum specifically targets those active in the land sector, but may also be useful for professionals working on (land) corruption or Open Data.

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Laura Meggiolaro, Lisette Mey


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