Asian Development Bank Interim Country Partnership Strategy: Myanmar, 2012-2014 SECTOR ASSESSMENT (SUMMARY): URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND WATER SECTORs | Land Portal | Securing Land Rights Through Open Data

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August 2012
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1 Sector Road Map: 1. Sector Performance, Problems, and Opportunities - 1. Urbanization; 2. Core constraints ["The core constraint to Myanmar’s urban development is inadequate
infrastructure and poor quality of services..."]; Sector performance indicators ["A key constraint in assessing the sector performance
and having a basis for planning and prioritization are the sporadic, unreliable and incomplete
data..."]; 4. Sanitation, solid waste and stormwater drainage ["Urban areas do not have
functioning city-wide sewerage and drainage networks...]; 5. Health and poverty implications; 6. Climate change implications; 7. Opportunities through development of Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) corridors
and towns; 8. Gender issues...2. Government’s Sector Strategy:
8. National and local level plans and strategies; 9. Institutional frameworks and capacities...3. ADB Sector Experience: 10. Past experience and assistance in the sector; 11. Lessons learnt and best practices from the region; 12. Priority assistance ["...geographically, assistance could initially focus on towns that would support or are part of GMS
corridors, specifically the Southern Economic Corridor and the East Western Economic Corridor..."]...Problem Tree for Urban Development and Water Sector

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