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Library Strategic Directions 2019 - 2023

Strategic Directions 2019 - 2023

Strategic Directions 2019 - 2023

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February 2019
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This is Belun’s 3rd five-year strategic directions. It builds on Belun’s work over the past 14 years. A great deal has been achieved but Belun’s purpose of preventing conflict and developing community capacity remain the same. However, how Belun works is equally important as what it does. Belun aims to be; - Evidence based: Belun has a unique approach to advocacy. Data and evidence are at the core, they are solution focused - Share information: All Belun’s reports and publications are shared extensively through direct communication or via the Belun website with the government, police and military so that policymakers and first responders have verified information and recommendations that they can use to make evidence-based decisions when responding to conflict trends in the country - Focus on being constructive: Belun’s approach is to cooperate with government to provide constructive policy recommendations and assist in their implementation. - Collaborative: Belun works within networks to focus on outcomes and avoid duplication of effort. Belun understands the importance of relationships - Driven by our values: Accountability, Innovation and integrity

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