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    Land Governance for Climate Resilience

    A review and case studies from LAND-at-scale projects

    Reports & Research
    November, 2023
    Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, South America, Colombia, Global

    This report is a contribution of the knowledge management component of the LAND-at-scale programme (LAS) which is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland - RVO). LAND-at-scale is a seven-year programme (2019-2026), that aims to contribute to fair and just tenure security, access to land and natural resources for all.

  2. Library Resource

    Where can you complain when investors encroach your land, pollute your environment or fail to keep their promises?: A Handbook for Communities and RAI Practitioners (2023)

    Manuals & Guidelines
    June, 2023

    This handbook aims to help local communities affected by an investment to access a company-based grievance mechanism, official government conflict resolution mechanisms or village-level mediation when they feel that investors violate their rights or have a concern about the investment operation in their regions.

  3. Library Resource
    Iraq profile Arabic, thumbnail
    Peer-reviewed publication
    November, 2023

    This is the Arabic version of the country profile for Iraq, describing its land governance context. An online version of this profile is available in English.

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    Reports & Research
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    September, 2023
    Asia, Cambodia, Myanmar

    Les politiques de développement agricole en Asie du Sud-Est s’accompagnent très souvent de mutations foncières qui ont deux visages complémentaires : concentration foncière et exclusion.

    En modifiant les perspectives de valorisation du foncier, les investissements dans l’irrigation tendent à renforcer ces tendances.

    La question du foncier irrigué fait cependant l’objet de relativement peu d’attention ; mieux la prendre en compte est pourtant crucial dans une perspective d’un développement économique et social des territoires qui soit durable.

  5. Library Resource
    Fonte: Revista etnografica
    Journal Articles & Books
    September, 2016
    Africa, Mozambique

    Neste artigo apresentamos um breve olhar sobre a guerra civil em Moçambique, tendo como pano de fundo a obra de Christian Geffray, La Cause des Armes au Mozambique, que marca um ponto de viragem epistemológico nos estudos sobre as causalidades da guerra moçambicana. Pretendemos enquadrar essa discussão numa perspectiva antropológica mais vasta, dos denominados estudos sobre a antropologia da guerra, contribuindo igualmente com dados empíricos nossos, recolhidos ao longo de várias estadias de terreno na região centro de Moçambique, entre 1994 e 2001.

  6. Library Resource
    MAD Proceedings, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, March 2023

    Responsible Agricultural Investment: A Pathway to Inclusive Sustainable Development, 21-22 March 2023 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Conference Papers & Reports
    March, 2023

    The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Responsible Governance of Investment in Land (RGIL) project conducted national Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue (MSD) under the theme “Responsible Agricultural Investment: A Pathway to Inclusive Sustainable Development”. It was held from 21 to 22 March 2023 in Addis Ababa, at Radisson Blu Hotel. The dialogue brought together ninety-one representatives of government officials, technical experts, academia, agricultural investors, the local community, civil society organizations (CSO), consultants, and the media.

  7. Library Resource

    A guide for communities and investors

    Manuals & Guidelines
    May, 2023

    This guide aims to help communities, to understand and address land-investment based conflicts thus supporting them in exercising their basic human rights.

  8. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2016
    Latin America and the Caribbean, Guatemala

    In Guatemala, a history of discrimination and inequality of opportunity led to a 36-year conflict that finally subsided with a Peace Agreement in 1996. Improvements since then have prevented a return to conflict and begun to create the conditions for sustained stability. However, the persistence of substantial inequality constitutes a risk factor for future stability and constrains Guatemala’s growth potential. Land distribution is highly unequal. The largest 2.5% of farms occupy nearly two-thirds of agricultural land while 90% of the farms are on only one-sixth of the agricultural land.

  9. Library Resource
    Paralegals and Land Rights in Mozambique
    Reports & Research
    October, 2023

    The race for the exploitation of natural resources has brought challenges of different natures, including land conflicts, mainly between investors and the local population. In some cases, the resolution of problems has been unfair due to the lack of legal knowledge and representation to help the vulnerable population. It is in this context that the paralegal figure was established, endowed with solid knowledge to voluntarily provide basic legal support to community members.

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