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  1. Library Resource
    Aggregated from the Journal of Peasant Studies
    November, 2017

    This article introduces the Special Issue on ‘Gender and generation in agrarian and environmental transformation in Southeast Asia’. The contributions to this collection focus on the intersecting dynamics of gender, generation and class in Southeast Asian rural communities engaging with expanding capitalist relations, whether in the form of large-scale corporate land acquisition or other forms of penetration of commodity economy. Gender and especially generation are relatively neglected dimensions in the literature on agrarian and environmental transformations in Southeast Asia.

  2. Library Resource
    Aggregated from the Journal of Peasant Studies
    August, 2017

    Across many parts of Indonesia, investment in oil palm has brought accelerated forms of land acquisition and market engagement for communities, signalling far-reaching implications for equity and well-being of current and future generations. This paper uses a conjunctural feminist political ecology approach to explore gendered and generational engagements with oil palm in Indonesia.

  3. Library Resource
    Training Resources & Tools
    January, 2018
    Africa, Asia, Europe

    Cette publication est un guide pratique pour l’intégration du genre dans le travail des organes ou mécanismes d’enquête, de la phase de planification au travail d’enquête proprement dit, jusqu’à la rédaction du rapport et la présentation de ses conclusions. Elle doit être lue en conjonction avec les orientations existantes du HCDH contenues dans le document Commissions d’enquête et missions d’établissement des faits sur le droit international des droits de l’homme et le droit humanitaire international : orientations et pratiques.

  4. Library Resource

    Pratiques culturales et durabilité

    Peer-reviewed publication
    July, 2017

    Au Gabon, le rôle du maraîchage périurbain est essentiel à l'approvisionnement des villes en légumes frais, notamment à Libreville et Owendo. Lors d'une enquête menée dans trois périmètres maraîchers, un état des lieux a été réalisé sur les caractéristiques socio-économiques, la diversité des plantes cultivées et les pesticides utilisés. Les superficies exploitées vont de 0,08 ha à 0,4 ha par maraîcher selon les sites. Les exploitants interrogés sont à 51 % originaires du Gabon alors que 40 % sont originaires du Burkina Faso.

  5. Library Resource

    Mapping Women Land Rights in the Context of UN's SDG in India

    Conference Papers & Reports
    March, 2017

    Production, availability and accessibility of reliable data and statistics are of fundamental importance in monitoring and in taking evidence-based decisions for good land governance. The demand for data as evidence is increasingly focused to monitor global and national developmental status and targets. Implementation of intentionally agreed commitments like Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) influence data production and availability, and the development of national statistical capacities (OECD, 2015)1 .

  6. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    April, 2017

    The Land Corruption Risk Mapping Instrument is designed to raise awareness and understand how to detect corruption in land governance issues. The instrument is developed in a way that it can be applied in any Sub-Saharan African country. It is published as a handbook that gives explanations, guidance and examples.

  7. Library Resource
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    June, 2017
    Burkina Faso

    Burkina Faso is working hard to emerge from the large-scale political and social upheaval that characterized the 18 months following the popular uprising that resulted in the resignation of President Blaise Compaoré in October 2014. In view of the presidential and legislative elections held in November 2015, and the largely successful municipal elections in May 2016, the country appears to have reached a positive turning point, although governing institutions remain in transition and fragile.

  8. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    May, 2017
    South America, Brazil, French Guiana

    Este artigo trata das dinâmicas contemporâneas da comunicação interétnica entre povos indígenas e o universo de atores e discursos ambientalistas no Brasil. A etnografia do contexto local de comunidades que vivem na terra indígena Jacamim, situada em Roraima, na fronteira com a Guiana, apresenta diferentes posicionamentos indígenas quanto às discussões sobre o conceito de “meio ambiente”. O objetivo é refletir sobre a ideia de “dialogia” que parece marcar as políticas indígenas do conhecimento diante das práticas hegemônicas de comensuração.

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