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Forest Peoples Programme supports the rights of peoples who live in forests and depend on them for their livelihoods. We work to create political space for forest peoples to secure rights, control their lands and decide their own futures.


  • Get the rights and interests of forest peoples recognised in laws, policies and programmes
  • Support forest peoples to build their own capacities to claim and exercise their human rights
  • Counter top-down policies and projects that threaten the rights of forest peoples
  • Promote community-based sustainable forest management
  • Ensure equity, counter discrimination and promote gender justice
  • Inform NGO actions on forests in line with forest peoples’ visions
  • Link up indigenous and forest peoples’ movements at the regional and international levels

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Rapport de synthèse pour un Dialogue sur l'avenir du climat

Reports & Research
February, 2024
Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania

Le 17 septembre 2023, plus de 70 représentants des titulaires de droits et leurs alliés se sont réunis pour un dialogue mondial sur la façon dont le financement climatique peut ou doit soutenir leur vision de l’avenir dans un monde affecté par le changement climatique.

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Policy Papers & Briefs
July, 2022

Forest Peoples Programme and partners have encountered and documented human rights violations against indigenous peoples and local communities associated with conservation over the course of decades of work. There have been moments when progress in this area has been made (e.g., the 2003 Durban Accord and the adoption of social policies by conservation agencies). However, changes to practice on the ground have too often been limited or quickly reversed, despite repeated calls by human rights organisations over decades. These issues are widely known, they cannot be ignored.

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Conference Papers & Reports
July, 2022

Representatives of Indigenous Peoples-led conservation organisations and networks in Africa convened in Nairobi, Kenya on 15 – 16 June 2022 under the auspices of the Alliance Rights, Inclusion and Social Equity in Conservation (ARISEC), to plan for their meaningful participation in the first IUCN’s Africa Protected Areas Congress (APAC) scheduled for July 2022 in Rwanda. At this event, they created this declaration.

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Reports & Research
June, 2022
Cameroon, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon

Les forêts communautaires ont été invoquées pour la première fois lors de la réforme de la loi de 1994 sur les forêts au Cameroun. Ceci dans le but de permettre aux communautés d’avoir un espace qu’elles pourraient gérer de manière participative et dans lequel elles pourraient mener des activités dans le cadre d’une convention signée avec l’Etat, à travers le ministère des forêts et de la faune (MINFOF).

Lisez le rapport ici

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Asia Parks Congress, Sabah, Malaysia. 26-29 May, 2022

Conference Papers & Reports
June, 2022

FPP was a co-convenor of the indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ forum at the Asia Parks Congress.

During the congress, summaries were prepared to combine and share the experiences and stories of indigenous peoples and local communities into a Declaration. The participants, facilitated by Gordon Thomas from PACOS and FPP, finalized and sent a powerful message not only to the whole of the Asia Parks Congress but also specifically addressed the World Parks Congress that will take place over the next 5 years.

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