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Janeiro 2013
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RCDC assigned a task of compiling a report on the functioning of PESA in the state of Odisha based both on secondary analysis and primary survey at field level, to a local consultant organization National Institute for Development Innovation(NIDI) in late 2010. Agreeing with our observation that the report submitted under the same required further improvements and enrichments the consultant made fresh efforts in 2011 and submitted an improved version of the same without any extra charges. However, we found that to make it a public document useful to all stakeholders we need to modify the same significantly and add new section(s) as well as some exclusive analysis to this report. If this modification took almost a year to complete then that is primarily because of the limitations of time on the part of the undersigned to devote sufficient time for the same, but that in fact proved to be a blessing in disguise ultimately as some remarkable developments took place in the meantime helping us to prepare an updated version.

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Bikash Rath


Based in one of India’s least ‘developed’ states, we address environment and people-centred issues - from forest, water and land rights, livelihoods and mining issues, to climate change and disaster risk reduction. Our proactive and informed approach has brought RCDC acclaim and transformed lives in Odisha. Our grassroots interventions, research and expertise all inform our policy-level work, where we raise the debate and influence key decision-making in order to benefit our communities.

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