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Dezembro 2023
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Photo by UNDP Guinea,Forested Guinea is one of the most vulnerable regions in West Africa to climate change , (CC BY-ND 2.0 DEED)

From the 3rd to 6th September, 2023, we the people of the great lands across Africa, including people from social movements and civil society, trade unions, women, indigenous peoples, young people, men, people living with disabilities, media organisations, faith-based groups and many others, gathered in Nairobi, Kenya and committed to this declaration on African climate and development priorities and demands.

This People’s assembly is happening concurrently with the first Africa Climate Summit (ACS). The ACS ought to have been the opportunity to put forward a real and progressive stance on African climate action and integrated development in a way that centres African solutions and strategies and breaks from the business as usual of Africa being a pawn in the plans of others. Instead it is a space that has been co-opted and captured by foreign interests and private sector greed who are using the summit to push their dangerous distractions and sell off African lands to the highest bidder in the name of “Green Growth” and carbon markets.

This Declaration outlines what Africa needs to pursue moving forward, it outlines what we as peoples need/commit to strive for, and what we demand our governments to do both domestically and in multilateral spaces such as COP28, IMF-WB meetings etc.

We recognise that if Africa doesn’t have a plan for our own destiny and future, we will continue be the subject of others’ plans, with continued exploitation, extraction and colonisation.

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