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Georgia is a largely mountainous country in which the rural population, 47% of the total, has not benefited from the country’s economic growth.  Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Georgia’s agricultural productivity has declined, shifting the GDP to a largely service-based economy.

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Why Georgia's Forest Code is a Progressive Step Forward

4 June 2020

For decades, deforestation in Georgia has been putting the livelihoods of communities at risk. It has not only led to an increase in the impact of natural disasters, but has also deprived communities of clean running water. Clean water supply for a majority of Georgia’s regions depends on forests,…

Parliament Passes Controversial Amendments to Forest Code of Georgia

22 May 2020

On May 22, the Georgian Parliament endorsed the amendments to the Forest Code of Georgia with its third reading with 79 votes in favor and none against – amid strong criticism voiced by the civil society organizations.   According to the newly adopted law, Georgian Orthodox Churches and Monasteries…

Georgians uprooted by war stage four-day protest to demand new homes

5 April 2019

The protesters said there was widespread frustration among those still waiting to be rehoused more than a decade after war drove them from their homes TBILISI, April 5 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Dozens of Georgian families occupied a tower block this week in a protest activists said highlighted…