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In the post-Soviet era, Georgia initially suffered from conflict, extensive outmigration, and a resultant contraction of its economy, before achieving sustained growth over the past decade. While urban and most arable land is now privatised, pastoral areas predominantly remain under state ownership. Land registration has undergone a digital revolution, most recently looking to switch from a public registry to one based on blockchain technology.
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New Country Portfolio for Georgia

23 November 2022

The land governance context in Georgia in detail

Georgian Agriculture Minister discusses country’s food security with US officials

8 July 2022

Food safety and transfer of modern technology and knowledge to farmers in Georgia were discussed between Agriculture Minister Otar Shamugia and United States officials in Washington, the Ministry announced on Friday.  During his visit to the capital, Shamugia held meetings with Cary Fowler, the US…

Why Georgia's Forest Code is a Progressive Step Forward

4 June 2020

For decades, deforestation in Georgia has been putting the livelihoods of communities at risk. It has not only led to an increase in the impact of natural disasters, but has also deprived communities of clean running water. Clean water supply for a majority of Georgia’s regions depends on forests,…

In 1992, the government enacted the Land Privatization Decree. In rural areas this focused on yards, gardens, orchards, and collective- (kolkhoz) and state-owned (sovkhoz) farms.

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Forest Fires and Climate Change in Georgia – Potential Ways Forward

14 July 2022

Written by  Eka Nozadze and Erekle Shubitidze for Georgia Today. Originally posted at The Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as the global pandemic, have diverted the world’s attention, and in general put…