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Land and political power have always been closely intertwined in Kenya’s historical trajectory. After independence from the British in 1968, the legacy of a dual system of land laws and administration continued. Repeatedly, tenure insecurity, forced evictions, inequality, and grievances related to inequality and corruption in the land sector have contributed to violence, such as during the 2007 election. In 2009, the National Land Policy was approved mandating land restitution for those who have been dispossessed and aiming to strengthen customary land tenure vis-à-vis individual ownership. The implementation of the policy and the constitution of 2010 is ongoing and has resulted in a number of progressive laws that recognize community land for the first time.
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Drought in Kenya: Time to Shift from Crisis to Risk Management

18 March 2022

Drought is a global problem that affects an estimated 1.5 billion people, particularly those in the Southern Hemisphere. Between the 1970s and the early 2000s the percentage of the earth’s landmass affected by severe drought has more than doubled. Drought has many unique identifiers that…

Under Fire: Forced Evictions and Arson Displace Nairobi’s Poor

12 March 2022

Urban displacements greatly diminish the living conditions of already desperate populations living on the brink of poverty. On 15 November, Minoo Kyaa, a community activist from Mukuru kwa Njenga, South Nairobi, tweeted, We keep asking each other “we unaenda wapi?” [Where are you going?] and even…

Stand for Her Land (SFHL) Campaign

Stand for Her Land Campaign Launch at International Women’s Day Regional Convening

8 March 2022

Join leaders and women’s land rights actors from across Africa and the world to celebrate International Women’s Day and our shared vision for accelerating secure women’s land rights as a foundation for achieving gender equality, women’s empowerment, and sustainable development. Women’s rights to…



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Digitization Land Records

Kenya’s Digitization of Land Records Enhances its Capacity to Monitor and Report Progress on National, Regional and Global Development Commitments

16 March 2022

In April 2021, Kenya, through the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning (MoLPP) and the National Land Commission (NLC) achieved an unprecedented milestone in land management and administration by launching the National Land Information Management System (NLIMS) dubbed Ardhisasa. Ardhisasa is…

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State of Land Data & Information in East Africa: Catalyzing East Africa's Land Data Ecosystem

There is no doubt the Global Data Revolution has reached the land sector. Government data portals, open access academic journals, community mapping initiatives and other citizen-generated data - there is a palpable positive drive across the world that allows processes such as data collection to be…