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Land Area
1,637,687,000 ha
24,790.7 USD
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Taliban drive Uzbeks and Turkmen from their lands

14 December 2021

Over 1,000 people deported to Djausdjan province. The move favours their Pashtun supporters in northern Afghanistan. Tribal council convened to resolve the case. Tajikistan and Uzbekistan ask the Taliban government to address the ethnic issue. Moscow (AsiaNews) - In recent days the Taliban have…

kazakhstan land reform

The myth of fingerprints: Russia and Kazakhstan’s legacy of ghost assets

21 August 2017

The collapse of the Soviet Union gave rise to a vast archipelago of unclaimed man-made objects and land in Russia and beyond. Thousands upon thousands of roads, bridges, water pipes, gas pipes, power grids, cemeteries, farmland, and more have passed from state hands to no one in the last 26 years…

Russia’s Rosreestr, FAO agree on cooperation towards better food security

Date: January 28th 2016 Source: FnBnews Rome - Russia's Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr) and FAO have agreed to enhance their cooperation aimed at improving the governance of land tenure. During a meeting in Rome, organised by the UN agency, the World…