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Map of Ukraine


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Land Area
57,940,000 ha
12,943.6 USD

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Think tank decries global push to privatize land

27 September 2020

One of the ugliest features of the modern world is the exploitation of natural resources for private gain irrespective of its consequences for the environment and the larger community, especially the poor majority. Humanity has started consuming the world's natural resources faster than they can be…

The Need For Ukrainian Land Reform – OpEd

7 January 2020

his past November, Ukraine’s parliament took its first steps to reverse an almost two-decade old regulation barring its citizens from selling farmland or changing agricultural land usage. Initially designed as a temporary moratorium on land sales, this regulation has de facto metastasized as one of…

Saudi agricultural investment abroad - land grab or benign strategy?

By: Kieran Cooke Date: October 5th 2016 Source: Middle East Eye After food costs spike, Saudis spent billions buying up farm land around the world. Who benefits exactly and can the spree continue? hey control rice farms in Ethiopia, Sudan and the Philippines, cattle ranches in California…

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How to Rebuild Ukraine, and Make Russia Pay for It

February 24th marks one year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In that time, the Ukrainian military has fought its way to considerable battlefield success and liberated significant territory near Kyiv and in the country’s east and south.