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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo to disclose large-scale agricultural contracts

In partnership with the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, documents will be available via a new online repository

18 October 2018
Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Provincial authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo have approved forest concessions for five communities.
  • Following the implementation of a new community forest strategy in June, this is the first time the government has given communities control of forests.
DRC agricultural land - land deals (CIFOR CC BY)
4 July 2018
Democratic Republic of the Congo

5.4 millions d’hectares de terres sont liés à des investisseurs étrangers. La superficie moyenne des terres conclues est 148 992 ha. La foresterie apporte le plus grand nombre de transactions et la plus grande taille sous contrat. La majorité des transactions conclues sont enregistrées bail, est valable pour une période de 25 ans.

4 June 2018
Democratic Republic of the Congo

LOKOLAMA, Democratic Republic of Congo — Sometime in March, I found myself trudging forward in a remote swamp in the heart of the Congo rainforest. As I worriedly tried to keep my boots from getting sucked in by the soft, brown mud, I wondered how far we could go on. It was our final day.

2 July 2017
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Traditionally, women in the DRC gained shares in property through marriage, not inheritance. Today few realize that this custom contradicts the law, which codifies women’s rights to inherit land. In the North Kivu province, one organization is spreading awareness of the law and helping to resolve inheritance disputes.  

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Goma, 23 November 2016 – UN-Habitat, in close collaboration with the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has launched a USD 12 million land programme that seeks to promote peace and stability.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

By: Angela K. Evans 
Date: February 12th 2016
Source: Boulder Weekly

Fighting deforestation in the Congo Basin by giving voice to indigenous people

“One does not sell the earth upon which the people walk.”

Plantation de palmiers à huile Feronia Yaligimba en RDC. Photo: Feronia
Democratic Republic of the Congo

On 15 November 2015, human rights defender Mr Augustin Alphonse Bofaka was interrogated by the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) in connection with a recent protest against a multinational company accused of land grabbing and environmental degradation.

He also received several threatening phone calls as a result of his role as a community mobiliser.

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