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11 December 2019

Rwanda and Tanzania are among six countries in Africa seen to be working towards securing land rights to at least 30 per cent of their women by 2025.

1 April 2019
Eastern Africa

A new report on the status of gender equality in Rwanda that was launched last week shows that the country recorded significant gains on several fronts on the basis of promoting gender equality

3 April 2017


Authorities Threaten, Prosecute Residents Who Speak Out


(Nairobi) – Military and civilian authorities in western Rwanda have arrested, beaten, or threatened people who challenged recent government decisions to force residents off their land, Human Rights Watch said today.


By: Emmanuel Ntirenganya
Date: September 16th 2016
Source: New Times

Sitting in the doorway of her residential house in the remote Murundi Sector, Kayonza District in Eastern Province, Verena Uwineza is sorting beans for evening meal on a traditional basket.


By: Emmanuel Ntirenganya
Date: April 19th 2016
Source: / The New Times

Women activists have called for policy changes to allow people jointly owning a piece of land that is less than an hectare in size to use it as they please.

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