Agricultural landscape changes and its resilience in response to the 2011 serious floods in the urban fringe of Bangkok | Land Portal | Securing Land Rights Through Open Data

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November 2014
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Using Bangmaenang District in the urban fringe of Bangkok Metropolitan Region in Thailand as a case study area, this study aims at examining agricultural land-use changes after the 2011 Floods with special focus on farmers' intentions of orchard use and management. Supervised image classifications were conducted for two GeoEye-1 images (before and after the floods) in order to identify agricultural land-cover changes by the floods. In field survey, selected sample farm parcels were monitored using GPS digital camera, and farmers were interviewed about their adaptation to the floods and intentions of farmland uses along with time after the floods. The results of satellite image analysis and sample farmland monitoring showed that orchards got more serious flood damage than other farmlands including paddy fields, vegetable fields and flower farms. Orchard farmers tended to avoid replanting fruit trees because of higher initial costs and a fear of future flooding.

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Hara, Y., Wakayama University (Japan) Yukimatsu, H. Thaitakoo, D. Tsuchiya, K.

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