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March 2005
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Agrarian reform, or AR, is the redistribution of public and private agricultural lands, regardless of produce and tenurial arrangement, to landless farmers and regular farm workers, to include support services and other arrangements alternative to distribution of land such as production/profi t sharing, labor organization, or distribution of shares of stock.

Agrarian reform most often refers to transfer from ownership by a relatively small number of wealthy (or noble) owners with extensive land holdings (e.g. plantations, large ranches, or agribusiness plots) to individual or collective ownership by those who work the land. Agrarian reform usually refers to government-initiated or government-backed redistribution of — i.e. transfer of ownership of (or tenure in) — agricultural land.

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Raul Socrates Banzuela
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AsiaDHRRA traces its earliest roots to the 1974 Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia Workshop (DHRRAW) held in Thailand. It is a regional partnership of eleven (11) social development networks and organizations in eleven (11) Asian nations that envisions Asian rural communities that are just, free, prosperous, living in peace and working in solidarity towards self-reliance. To achieve this, the network’s mission is to be an effective

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