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Co-op Culture
Co-op Culture
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Localising the Economy through Sustainable Co-operative Enterprise

Co-op Culture is a co-operative consortium of co-operative and community advisors, entrepreneurs and enterprises.  Our members and associates have a vast and varied experience of supporting co-operative, community and social enterprise to start and grow.

We deliver the following support and services:

  • Feasibility studies and market planning.
  • Business Planning.
  • Financial planning.
  • Community finance support including drafting community share offers.
  • Advice on grant and loan finance.
  • Advice on legal and organisational structures.
  • Governance audit and advice on governance “health”.
  • Facilitated planning for start-up or organisational change.
  • Advice on measuring and reporting social impact.
  • Delivery of training on all of the above.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Community Agriculture.
  • Community Food Enterprise (food, co-ops, processing, retail and wholesale).
  • Community Energy.
  • Housing Co-operatives
  • Community Land Trusts.
  • Co-operative Bakeries.
  • Woodland Social Enterprise and Social Forestry.
  • Co-operative shared workspaces and hackspaces.
  • Transition Enterprise.

Are you a co-operative or community enterprise looking to start or grow? Get in touch to discuss how we can help.  If we can’t, we’ll know someone who can.



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Woodland Social Enterprise in Wales

Reports & Research
March, 2014
United Kingdom

This report was commissioned by Natural Resources Wales to better understand the woodland social enterprise sector in Wales. Findings include the landscape of the sector, what enterprises are doing, and what potential there is for the sector to grow.

Woodland Social Enterprise in England

Reports & Research
December, 2013
United Kingdom

This report was commissioned by the Forestry Commission to better understand the current woodland social enterprise sector in England. It provides evidence of a fledgling but very diverse sector with significant innovation. It discusses the definition of “woodland social enterprise”, the potential size of this sector, and suggests indicators for measuring future growth.